Attention, People of Earth…




Greetings! I come in peace. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but that’s because I’m busy. Really? You are too? That’s probably why you haven’t been able to read and comment on my blogs. You’re too busy. Okay, touche. However, not only do I come in peace, I come with some advice that I am finding helpful. Now, don’t groan at me, but you’ve heard this advice before, and probably from a successful person: make lists!

I have what seems to be an impossible amount of writing projects, not to mention promoting my fledgling army of Amazon books. Add to that a full-time job and countless demands upon my time from people, creatures, other responsibilities, and my recreation jones, and I find it impossible to keep my writing updated.

I know, cry me a river, Sugar. However, for me these tasks are daunting, and all too often I find myself doing nothing while pondering just how much I have to do. So I do a little of this, and a little of that, and I complete nothing.

The worst part about this hunt-and-peck method of production is that while I’m trying to sleep, I seem to be stressing about everything I need to accomplish. This sends adrenalin to my brain, and then my brain tells me I should be awake and accomplishing at, oh, 1:30 in the morning, rather than trying to sleep.

A mentor of mine when I was in the restaurant business used to tell me, “Kenny, listen to me. Don’t make lists. Lists are for dummies.”

Well, not everybody is an Italian fireball with an overheating computer in their brain. I have found that lists work. Without a list I do not move forward. I move sideways and backward. You don’t just get in your car and drive without mapping out a route. Lists are your way of mapping out a production route for your brain.

Yesterday I made a list:

  • Monday: my blog
  • Tuesday: sports blog
  • Wednesday: client’s blog
  • Thursday: newsletter
  • Friday: work on finishing book
  • Saturday: move novel along
  • Sunday: promote writing
  • Website: update once per month.

Of course, some of these are bi-weekly, and so on. Do lists work? Well, here’s my blog. Now I have time for other things in my life and my writing for the day is done. Let’s see if my sports blog hits the press tomorrow. For people like me, it’s vital to make a habit of writing lists. When I have made daily lists in the past, I achieved my goals. When I haven’t, I’ve floundered like an exhausted swimmer drifting toward a whirlpool.

If you’re having a hard time hitting your goals, and you still lack spare time to do what you enjoy, AND, your brain keeps poking you all night long to get busy while you’re trying to sleep, try listing out your day or week.

Speaking of lists, I saw on MSN the other day a list of artificial things they found on the moon since 1959. While I was dismayed that my car keys weren’t among the lunar lost-and-found, I did notice that about 89 space crafts, both successfully landed and purposely wrecked, have been chucked, liked curbside furniture, onto the moon’s surface from countries like USA, China, Russia, and even India.

How tragic that we may end up having to recycle the moon before we can even colonize outer space .

Thanks for reading, and if you don’t have the time, maybe pencil me in for a Saturday?


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